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Update on US House Resolution HR 477 - THE SMALL BUSINESS MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS, SALES, AND BROKERAGE SIMPLIFICATION ACT – In the latest joint association letter urging passage of our language in the 2019 FSGG Appropriations Bill there is an excellent summary of all the reasons this legislation should be enacted.



What is the M&A Source?

The M&A Source is so named because it represents "the source" of opportunity and professional growth for merger and acquisition intermediaries and strategic professionals who are dedicated to the lower middle market (LMM).

Members of The M&A Source are merger and acquisition intermediaries/advisors and strategic professionals who contribute at the M&A level. Examples of strategic professionals include transaction attorneys, transaction CPAs, Private Equity Groups (PEGs), business appraisers, financial planners & wealth managers, bankers/lenders, and other service & support providers.

The M&A Source provides opportunities for M&A practitioners to learn more about the profession, improve key skills, and become more valuable to clients. Through networking, learning, mentoring, and improvement opportunities, The M&A Source is dedicated to being our members' bridge to success.

Who can benefit from using the services provided by M&A Source members: Lower middle market companies seeking corporate strategies/solutions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, exit planning, family succession, growth strategies, access to capital, risk reduction, management buy-outs, management buy-ins, and recapitalizations (sell a portion of the company).

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